CNC Router Buyer Guide




When you are thinking about purchasing a CNC router to improve your business or project or use at home, you may are not sure which one or what configuration fit your application, so here offer some suggestions, hope could be helpful for you.

Before you choose one router CNCor other CNC machines, please tell the sales person that, what type of materials you plan to work, better show your sample work photo or discribe it, and the other reuqirements.

After you confirm the material type. Here some tips for your choice:

CNC router is usually related with carpentry, and it can work on the following material:wood, particle board, ACP, plastic, f oam, composites, glass, aluminium.

After you confirm the working material, then to see the material overall size and depth of cutting, and you use machine for carving, cutting, relief sculptured or others special requirement. Take example, if you use cnc router for cylinder material, measure the overall size and carving depth, andour will suggest you use rotary attachment with right diameter and length to complete your work.